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3rd Grade Homework Policy: 8 Points To Consider

Creating homework for students is never easy. For third graders there are extra difficulties. Students must be given homework that challenges them, but it cannot be too overwhelming. To make sure that schoolwork is intelligently assigned, teachers should consider the following points.

  1. Preparing for the Future
  2. As a rule, homework at this point in the child's academic career is just supposed to prepare them for the future. They need to get into the habit of doing nightly assignments, but it should not be too much.

  3. Remember: The Parent Is the Key
  4. For this age of student, the parent is normally the person who makes sure that the work is done. If the parent is lax, the assignment will not be completed. Teachers should remember this when they assign work and make sure not to assign something that is too difficult. Likewise, they should communicate openly with the parents about what will be expected from class.

  5. Time Guidelines
  6. In general, third graders should never be given more than 40 minutes of work to do each night. Anything more than this is excessive for third graders.

  7. Incorporate Reading
  8. One of the best homework assignments for this age group is reading. At this age, students are just starting to really develop their reading skills. By reading for 15 minutes a night, the student can prepare for future reading success in the rest of their schooling.

  9. Think of the Subject
  10. Grade school dioramas and science fair projects are typically done at home. For the most part, students will mainly work on reading, mathematics or spelling at home. On occasion, they may also be required to do science or social studies.

  11. Create an Agenda
  12. Adults have a hard time staying on track and often use agendas. It makes sense that students would require the same level of organization. With an agenda, parents can easily track how much work their student has to complete each night.

  13. Use Smiley Faces
  14. They may be growing up, but third graders are still addicted to the smiley face. Whenever they complete their entire homework assignment, teachers can give the student a smiley face next to their name on the board, They can also add a smiley face next to the assignment in the students agenda. If the student is falling behind, they should get a sad face until they have caught up.

  15. It Takes Time
  16. Parents and teachers should remember that developing good study habits take time. Students will naturally procrastinate. After the first few weeks, it will gradually get easier to complete the assignment every night.