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An Easy Method To Cope With Difficult Science Homework

If you are having a hard time slogging through difficult Science homework, here is an easy 4 part method to ease your mind and have you on a great path to success in no time.

  1. Be aware and try to apply what you’ve learned
  2. Instead of reading and memorizing, think about what you learned today and how you can apply that to real life situations. Science is all around us, and you should always be able to find something that applies. For example: if you want to boil an egg, h2O is forced out of your tap into an aluminum metal pot and you heat it to 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Then the heat cooks the molecules in the egg to make it hard-boiled so you can eat it without getting sick from bacteria. There are tons of science concepts in that simple task and thinking of life in those terms just might make more difficult concepts seem attainable.

  3. Read, take notes, re-read
  4. Before class, read the subject matter you will be learning, and then during class take notes on what the teacher is saying. Afterward, when you settle in to do your homework, you will need to re-read the book and your notes. Once you’ve done that, everything after should seem like a breeze.

  5. Prioritize
  6. Decide what will be most difficult for you and start with that. Get this out of the way first, so you aren’t dreading it until the end. It also means you’re giving the most “quality” studying time to what takes the most brainpower before you get tired for the night. It will also help you to relax for the easier stuff knowing you completed the difficult task already.

  7. Set a specific time to work
  8. Make this your special time every night and don’t deviate. Also, don’t make it too late or you may fall asleep. If you’re a morning person, go for it, but many people have trouble waking up and concentrating enough in the morning to do their work. Make sure you’re comfortable and in an environment that is quiet and calm enough to get things done.

  9. Set goals and rewards
  10. Make it fun! You can say “I’ll really concentrate until 7:30 and then I can check my phone for 5 minutes.” Or you can play a little game with yourself like if you finish the hard homework by 6, then you get to have dessert. A reward can be as simple as a break, which you need to take anyway in order to stay focused. Learn to love the challenge of difficult science homework by making it fun!