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Homework Grammar Activities: 5 Fresh Suggestions

Grammar is one educational area that seems to have become less emphasized in our schools. Most schools have become extremely diversified. Because of this, there are many different languages, dialects, and slang causing old fashioned grammar to fall by the wayside. This leaves the responsibility of teaching our children in the home. I have a few suggestions that will make learning grammar fun which usually makes it easier to learn.

  1. Spelling is an area that most children don’t like to practice and because of texting and IM’s, slang words trump correct spelling. You can reinforce correct spelling in the home by making it fun. I use scrabble tiles that I got from a garage sale. Then I would put a list of 5 words on the table. Of course the words would be age appropriate. Then we would have a race to see who could spell all 5 words with the tiles first. Children love playing with the tiles and love the excitement of a race and don’t even realize they are learning.

  2. Remember Mother May I? I played this with my children when they were younger. The children would stand at one side of the room in a line. I would ask the child a question. The child would answer the question and then say Mother May I? If they got the answer correct, I would say YES and they could take a step forward. The first one to reach Mother was the winner. The questions of course could be spelling, vocabulary or anything age appropriate.

  3. Another spelling activity little ones used to love was hide and seek with words. I would write words on index cards and hide them around the room. Then I would tell the children to find the cards and make a sentence with the words they find. If they couldn’t use the words they found, they would re-hide it. Again I would use age appropriate words.

  4. Many families have a pantry with canned goods. On rainy days, I might tell the kids to go get 10 cans from the pantry. I would then ask them to alphabetize the labels and put them in a row. Older children can try to do it backwards.

  5. On a very crafty day, take old cereal boxes and let the children cut out the letters from the cereal boxes and spell words. Another idea is cut out words and make sentences.