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Dealing With 7th Grade Geography Homework Assignments

Why geography homework seems so difficult for 7th graders?

Most of the students of 7th grade take geography homework only as a textbook oriented task. This is the prime reason for which, geography homework appears challenging as well as uninteresting to them. But geography is an immensely stimulating subject and if it is tackled properly, a student will get his/her home task done at no time at all.

Five tips to do geography homework efficiently

  • Learn to read the map rightly
  • The first and foremost step towards learning geography is to tech oneself map reading. This is one of the most hated aspects of geography. But map reading is something which will come handy even when you will grow up. Learn the tricks of reading maps from your teacher and practice it in your leisure hour at home. You can request to your parents to buy you an atlas for your study desk.

  • Draw what your read
  • Mugging up theories will not get you too far when it comes to geography assignments. You need to do drawings including making charts, and it better be started as early as possible. Whether you are reading up geography of northern USA or various plateaus, draw related shapes side by side. This practice should be extended to drawing maps also. Most part of geography curriculum is related with drawing so make sure that- when you sit down to solve the problems, you have the necessary instruments by your side.

  • Be inquisitive
  • Geography has to be learnt in the outdoor. Be curious about the geographical position of the place you live in. Your school will most likely arrange trips to teach geography better to its 7th grade pupils. Try not to miss them. When you travel with your parents, make sure that you assess the geography of the destination by mere observation. A truly inquisitive mind will make your task easier.

  • Seek help if it’s necessary
  • If you hate solving the geography problems all by yourself and ask to your parents every time you are stuck, then find help. You can always form a study circle with your friends, seek tuition from your senior or ask your teacher to provide you with a special class.

  • Search the internet
  • The virtual space is full of quizzes, question banks and trivia related to geography that a 7th grader can understand. Spend a considerable time hunting them down. They are easy to grasp and fun. Going through these enjoyable resources will make you more competent to face your geography home-task head on.