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The Main Reasons To Ban Homework: An Expert's Point Of View

There is a continual debate about the positive and negative side to homework. There is more than one side to this side to this debate, so let's pick out the main reasons to ban homework.

The Tutor's point of view.

  • Setting homework can take up a lot of time. It needs to be linked into the curriculum that is being followed taking into consideration and changes that occur.
  • Designing work that can be completed at home by everyone and making sure that the work set does not conflict with homework that will be set by other tutors.
  • Marking. Tutors usually set aside a particular time in which to mark homework and the chances are that it will be after class in their own time. Late submissions need extra making time.

So you can that although there are a lot of good educational reasons getting students to do homework, tutors in fact may benefit from a ban.

The Parent's point of view.

  • Parents spend a lot of time prompting their children to make sure that they do their home work and complete it. A lot of nagging is involved.
  • Parents usually have to juggle their own time at the end of the working day to help their child with their homework.
  • Parents can find their skills challenged by they child's homework.

Parents will also find that they would benefit from a homework ban. No more nagging, no more being late for work while looking for the elusive piece of homework that was left on the kitchen table .

The Student's point of view.

  • It creates stress at the end of a long day in school. It means that you cannot rest when you get home because you will be aware that you still have to do your homework.
  • No time for meeting friends or other interests or clubs after school. You feel that you are continually working in isolation from your family and friends.
  • If you stay up late to finish the work you find that you cannot sleep properly and so you are really crabby the following day.

No wonder that students feel that homework should be banned. One of the biggest problems facing students is that they feel that when they are working at home they do not have any academic support. If this is the case then they will benefit if they get online help. Try this website.