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How To Get Free Answers To Biology Homework

Procrastinated till the last minute and don't know where to start? Have no idea what this homework is about and need help ASAP? Not really interested in biology and just want to get through the year? Looks like we have a solution for you, especially if you don't want to spend money on it. This will be extremely easy, if your teacher gives you homework from standartixed textbooks or combines tasks from different books. However, even if they invent the tasks themselves, there is still some hope for you!

Looking for the answers to textbook.

Internet has everything nowadays. Especially something that is supposed to make a life of a student easy. If your textboo has been used by a few generation of lazy students, you are in good hands.

  • Ask your friends from senior years for help. There is a chance some of them still keep their old notebooks.
  • Look for teacher's version. Some teachers' versions of textbooks come with keys, there is a very high chance your teacher will use them to grade the homework.
  • Look for uploads of the answers on students' forums and cheat-sheet websites. If your textbook is widely used in your country, you will for sure get something.

Answers to combined tests.

If you know that tasks come from different textbook or not sure at all where the task comes from, you may still get some free help online.

  1. Google the question with exactly the same wording you have in a task. Put on quotation marks for the precise results.
  2. Aim for websites that take you to textbooks – there is a chance that the questions comes from a different textbook that is used in your class. Check if you can find some other questions in the same book.
  3. Look for the answers to this specific book.
  4. Repeat till you try all the tasks.

Solving tasks you can't find anywhere.

If the first two ways did not lead you anywhere, you may be in trouble. However, don't get discouraged just yet. There is still way that you can get some help, though it can take a bit more time.

  • Post it to questions & answers websites. It may take you a few days to get a response, but there is a high chance that somewhere out there there is a person, who pays a bit more attention in biology.
  • Look for the websites that provide free tutoring as advertisiment to their services or have trial periods.