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Doing Forensic Science Homework: Effective Instructions

Forensic science is one of the most highly specialized and most difficult fields students choose on their way to a degree in criminology. Combined with class lectures and lab work, students often face hours of nightly assignments. If students don’t get on top of these assignments early in the quarter they can find themselves struggling and falling behind rather quickly. Here are some effective instructions for doing forensic science homework quickly and efficiently:

Keep an Assignment Journal

Organization, or lack thereof, is a major problem for students. The easiest way to deal with this is to purchase and maintain an assignment journal in which you can keep all of your weekly assignments, due dates, test dates, and more. It allows you to plan for difficult weeks and helps you break down large assignments into several manageable tasks to cover over the course of several days.

Set up a Quiet Homework Space

A lot of students struggle to get through their assignments because they don’t make the effort to create a quiet space where they can work completely free of all distractions. Turn off all electronics and make it a habit to use that space just for your homework. If you can’t do this for some reason, then make sure you at least clear it from other things that might remind you of the other things you do there.

Review the Night’s Assignment

Before you start with your forensic science homework you should review both your class notes and the assignment instructions. Go through each question and visualize yourself working through the problem and solving it, just as if you were actually doing the work. If you notice anything confusing you can check for those notes to prepare yourself ahead of time.

Create a List of Tasks and Goals

It’s easy to look at an assignment and be discouraged by all the work that needs to get done. Instead of looking at the assignment as a whole it would be to your benefit to break it up into several manageable tasks you can easily complete and use to help drive your motivations towards reaching the next milestone. This technique will help you build momentum as you cross off each item on your list.

Take Scheduled Breaks on Time

It’s difficult to stay focused on your forensic science homework – as complicated and complex as it is – without needing to take a break from time to time. Stepping away from your work is extremely important in retaining information. You should aim to take a break about once an hour. Either set up a time or aim to take one after completing specific tasks.