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How To Take Advantage Of A Homework Video Tutor

There is so much competition in almost every field of study for students to obtain the highest marks so they get the coveted positions in graduate school. Using a tutor can really give you the upper edge. However, live tutors are too costly for most families and aren’t available in every location around the world. Enter a homework video tutor. This is a fabulous development because it brings a tutor to any student anywhere, who has access to an internet connection.

Getting the most from your video tutor

With a video tutor you can see the work being done. You can hear the tutor explaining what they are doing. It’s much better for most people’s ability to learn difficult concepts when they get more than just words on paper. When you study some written work you are only using one of your senses – sight. When you are learning from a video tutor, you are engaging more of the senses and therefore you are increasing your ability to learn and remember the material. You are using your sense of sight and hearing, and you can incorporate your senses of tactile touch and speaking. Here’s how:

  • Play the video all the way through and concentrate only on listening. This will give you an idea of what’s in the video and what to expect at each step of the learning process.
  • Start the video again but pause it after each part of the process. Write down what the tutor is explaining in the video. Repeat out loud what you’ve done. Keep repeating the play and pause process until you’ve gone through the video again, and have the process replicated on paper.
  • It doesn’t matter whether you are studying a math question or how to write an essay; the steps can be used for any video tutoring subject.
  • Once you’ve gone through the video twice in this way, you should be able to understand the homework well enough that you could teach it to someone else. Turn off the video and get a new piece of paper and see if you can teach it out loud to someone else. If no one is available, talk out loud to yourself.
  • These steps will really reinforce the subject in your mind and help you store it in long-term memory.
  • The great thing about video is you can play it again later. When it’s time to study for the exam, you can watch the video again as a refresher.